The energy that flows in and from the connection Rochelle & SandraJ have with Source; guides, teaches, and carries the transformation and change.

When people meet with, or attend a workshop or event, the energy is already at work, filling the space and guiding Rochelle & SandraJ in what is to be said and done during that time. They stand as guides and teachers, holding what is being held for you, assisting and encouraging you on your journey to become and be all you desire to become and be.

That moment of connection to all of who you are, when you see the beauty that is you and what is yours to be and do, they have called ‘coming home.’ It is the moment when you give to yourself all that is yours to have, letting go of those things which no longer support you, and receiving physically, emotionally, intellectually and energetically all that is being held for you.

It is coming home to you.


What do people experience?

First they experience an awakening, this awakening happens across the physical, the emotional, the intellect and the energetic parts of who we are.

Next there is a physical manifestation or awareness of the energy. This is usually felt as a tingling, or a sense of heat or cold, or an awareness of the energy swirling or settling like a blanket around them.

Then there is personal transformation and healing.

The words, teaching, healing or mentoring sessions bring a release in the emotional and intellect layers, or parts of self, which results in changes physically. These changes could be a healing from sickness or disease, or a sense of lightness or freedom in the body, or a release of pain.

What is experienced is the connection to Source, to the energy to All that is. It is in this energy and connection that change, growth and transformation begins.


Typically people have received:

Release from pain, sickness, illness and/or a freedom or sense of change in the body.

A sense of direction, and an awareness or a deeper connection to their true purpose.

Clarity around who they are, what they do and why they do it.

A connection to, and, an understanding of the beauty of who they are and the purity of who they are, which is held in the deepest part of self.

Shifts in beliefs and thoughts, and, an understanding of the journey of change and growth.

Release, calmness, happiness, a sense of well-being, hope and joy.

In workshops and events guided toward enhancing and creating change in a business, typically people receive;

Awareness and awakening of self and to self. In other words there is a moment of clarity and connection that is a knowing and understanding of why they do what they do, and how to connect to all of who they are in the business arena.

Understanding of how to communicate, sell, create, and expand a product and service in ways that connect with all of who they are, and, with customers and clients.

Release from pain, sickness, illness and/or a freedom or sense of change in the body.

Shifts in beliefs and thoughts, and, an understanding of the journey of change and growth for self and for their business.

A sense of well-being, happiness, calmness, clarity, direction, and excitement.


What Rochelle & Sandra experience and receive during  events, workshops, healing and mentoring sessions;

Clear guided Messages from Source, which are specific for individuals or for the group.

Clear guided direction on what to teach, how to teach, and how to stand in the place of guide and teacher.

A strong flow of energy that carries healing, teaching, guidance, direction, and words of truth which when received by those attending, they experience an awakening that allows healing, change, and transformation.