Business transformation journey

At times we are overwhelmed with the busyness of business, change, marketing, creating products and services, managing staff, leading teams and finding a new direction or focus that will take the business to the next level.

The peiec approach (pron: ‘peak’), is a simple yet profoundly powerful approach to create change and transformation, that takes your business to a level that supports you.

In understanding and applying peiec transformation to your business you can;

  • Create and move through change with ease, clarity and direction
  • Unlock the vision and goals that are hidden behind the busyness of what you do
  • Recognise, work with and adapt to the dominant layer you, your team, and your customers communicate and process information from
  • Align your marketing and branding to the unique message that supports your purpose and vision
  • Empower your unique message by ensuring it ‘hits’ all the layers
  • Recognise the intuitive you and discover how to work from that intuitive /creative energetic space
  • Take your business to a level of peak success

In business and life we function measure and process information across five layers;

Physical – what we do, it is the connection to others and the things around us.

Emotional – we measure and respond from how we feel.

Intellect – we measure against the beliefs, information, knowledge and experiences we have.

Energetically/Intuitive – we tap into and listen to that ‘gut feeling’ or the ‘sense’ that something is right or wrong, and for others it is the connection to the external ‘energy’ flow,( this could be your religious beliefs and connections or a more universal all-embracing energy force).

Core – this is the centre of you and all that you are, it is the place where we sit in congruence and what we do flows out from this layer through the other four layers. Core also holds our true purpose our reason for being and doing.

When all layers are congruent, and you and your business are in balance across the layers, the overwhelm, lack of clarity, challenges and ‘people moments’, shift and change and the business aligns with its true purpose and direction.

With the peiec approach you can actualise, your thoughts, ideas, the unique skills and talents you have into ideas and strategies for your business growth, development, marketing and communication, and passive income streams.

Applying to peiec approach to marketing material and communication with customers, where all layers are considered in the words, tone, colour, kinaesthetically, emotionally and from the intellect, raises curiosity and intrigue that attracts and compels.

Using the approach in sales, ensuring words, information, body language, tone, and visual tools meet and resonate with all the layers, you will find a customer is more likely to engage and make the decision to buy or to work with you.

When applied in decision making and the strategic direction of the business, you have a tool that can ensure that you are true to the purpose and vision for your business.

In creating new products and services, you can map the change to the layers, once again ensuring the product and service, not only supports the vision and direction of your business, but meets the needs of customers.

The peiec approach considers the uniqueness of you, personally and professionally, and has been designed to enhance the skills and talents that support and sustain you and your business.

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