Peiec approach:

Peiec is an acronym for the physical, emotional, intellect, energetic and core.

The peiec approach is based on the principles held in peiec healing.

In the understanding that there are five parts or layers of self, and each layer interprets, responds to, holds memory and information that either supports us or no longer supports the direction or path we now wish to take.

Received energetically it looks at the totality of who we are and the alignment of the physical, emotional and intellect, the connection energetically or intuitively and connection to the Core of who we are. It is from this place of alignment that we are able to move past those road blocks and enhance our ability and performance both personally and professionally.

The key focus of the peiec approach is to align the personal and professional part of self, especially for those who work in the energetic or meta-physical space, so that your business reflects not only the purpose and the why you work in that space, but your business is presented in a way that is professional and energetically driven and focused.

Create the change you desire;

  • discover what is it you do and why you do it
  • unlock the vision and goals that are hidden behind the busyness of what you do
  • align your marketing and branding to the unique message that supports your purpose and vision
  • learn how colour, words, and intent, empower your unique message attracting people to you, your products and services
  • explore passive income streams that not only educates and excites customers but offers additional income to you
  • recognise the intuitive you and discover how to work from that intuitive /creative energetic space