EMM-Safe Program – Easy Muscle Management for injury prevention

EMM-Safe is an easy muscle management program designed to reduce or prevent work time injuries and accidents, resulting in improved productivity, better relationships between management and workforce, and improved overall morale.

Where standard first aid courses cater to an acute medical issue or injury such as cuts, abrasions, burns etc the EMM-Safe program can assist with those aches, pains, mobility and flexibility issues that your employees can experience every day.

As part of the EMM-Safe program a company will have two options:

Option 1

A qualified EMMETT Practitioner will provide onsite assessment, treatment and ongoing maintenance as necessary.
Treatments will be:
Addressing specified areas of concern
5-15 minutes in duration
Mostly given in the seated position
Non – invasive and are generally performed fully clothed
No Downtime – The employee is able to return to work immediately after the treatment – in a work ready state.

Option 2:

Easy Muscle Management training
The company will be able to select a training package that suits their workplace. A registered EMM-Safe tutor will instruct the training and train employees in the workplace to become on site EMM-Safe Officers. The EMM-Safe officers are able to treat colleagues while at work thereby reducing the risk of injury.

Now those of you who know about Emmett will understand what a huge impact this will have on workplace health and safety and injury prevention. Here at Flip180 we excited to be at the forefront of this innovative idea to reduce injuries and accidents and our  opinion will make a huge impact on businesses.

Contact us today for the EMM-Safe brochure will shows some exceptional results.

What is the Emmett Technique?

The Emmett Technique is a non-invasive muscle release technique that has the ability to address muscle strains or sprains before they create major muscle problems or restrictions in movement. Often if left untreated, these issues can result in the need to take time off work, causing reduced performance or increased potential for accident or further injury.

Our representatives are highly qualified and motivated practitioners within the Emmett Therapies organisation. They have completed training in all aspects of the technique, including teachers training within the EMM-Safe program. Our representatives have the ability to provide onsite treatment, muscle assessment and recommendations for improved muscle management outcomes as well as facilitate training courses.

Amazing Results!! Reduce your Workplace Injuries!!

Here are the before and after results of the first session of a 4 week EMM-Safe  trial where we performed 15 minute sessions on a range of employees ranging from office workers to personnel from the warehouse and drivers. We just concentrated on the main problem areas – Upper and lower back, shoulder, arms and forearms. We performed these sessions every fortnight across 4 weeks, 15 minutes per employee.

We found that so many of these employees were coming to work sore and with restricted movement, a perfect recipe for an injury at work. Notice the drop in the pain scale. A number of employees had chronic long standing issues with one particular lady waiting for neck surgery. Although we still had a few in the high level scores in certain areas following the treatment their pain levels went from a 9 or 10 down to a 6…not bad for a 15 min session and fully clothed. The same went for the medium pain range. The pain levels dropped from a 5 to a 3. In all cases range of movement improved.

Notice also how the associated areas such as hips also reduced in pain even though they were not treated.

Over the 2 sessions , we noticed the numbers drop both in the before and after range. Great results and certainly shows what an Emmett session can do for an employee’s health and wellness.