First Aid for Easy Muscle Management – Reduce your Workplace Injuries


We all have probably learnt first aid in order to have the knowledge to respond to an acute medical issue or injury, but what about those aches, pains, mobility and flexibility issues that we experience on a day to day basis which may lead to an increased risk of injury? What if you could implement new skills in your workplace to assist your employees and colleagues with: General mobility and flexibility, Balance and stability, Assist forearm weakness & grip,  Assist shoulder pain and flexibility and  Improve neck rotation , just to name a few of the outcomes achieved through completing the one-day Emm-Tech course . The Emm-Tech course is changing workplaces!

Our most recent course has led to an  increase in businesses sending their employees or an employee representative to the course, so that they can bring these skills into the workplace and be on hand to assist employees on a daily basis. Not only do these businesses have a first aid officer they now have an Emm-Tech officer on hand to deal with pain and discomfort, flexibility and mobility issues as they arise in the workplace. One  such business that is leading the way is Vavee Enterprises where the Director attended the course and brought along an employee so that they could use these skills in the workplace as part of their wellbeing program.

It is always  such a joy to see the excitement on  the course participant’s faces when they realised that they can create changes in the body with light touch. There were a couple of participants who came along with long standing issues and pain and these participants walked away at the end of the day with no pain and increased movement and flexibility. Yes guys …it is that easy!!


The feedback from these courses gives us indication that this technique can revolutionise Workplace Wellbeing programs and we are excited by what the future holds. Comments such as the ones below shows that we can make a drastic change to people’s lives.

“Hi , I just went to the chiropractor and she asked me what had happened because she’d never seen my neck so ‘good’ after I told her she said well keep doing it .”

“Omg, I am feeling amazing . This morning I woke up and my whole upper body felt cramped up, I had a new technique workshop today so I chose not to take pain killers but to see if this could help.I am amazed at the start of this morning I could not move my arm above shoulder height with out terrible pain. After three moves I was able to move my arm to between shoulder and head, another three and I was pain free. ” Nicola

“Thank you, I started on my family as soon as I got home. My eldest said ‘wow mummy did you learn how to do magic today?’…….and I said YES! ”   Melanie

“Thanks Sandra Junckerstorff and Michelle. Had a great day, and my back feels amazing today.” Linda

“Thank you so much for such a great day. I really enjoyed it. You both presented it so well. I was straight home and practiced on my partner!” Katie

“Very well presented course. Learning was made easy and access to instructors was excellent. Being an “animal” person I was a little concerned at doing the human side of the course, but I really enjoyed it.” Katie

“Really enjoyed the course yesterday. Great job.” Nanette

“Sandra is very good speaker/teacher and is very happy to be at the front of the class and is confident in what she is teaching. It was a great mix of people in the group and I think everyone got what they went for plus so much more!” Andrew


20150524_153006[1]The releases shared in the EMM-Tech Short course have been specially selected from the longer Emmett Technique  Practitioner course.In the EMM TECH Short Course participants  learn a small focused set of skills and knowledge that has been tailored from The Emmett Technique Practitioner’s Course especially for the general public.

While muscle imbalance for discomfort can be relieved quickly using these skills, this therapy does not replace the requirement for treatment by a professional practitioner. However, completing a course in Emm-Tech will improve your ability to assist your colleagues, clients, family and friends. The sequence of muscle activation points used in the EMMETT Technique can unlock muscle memory and this activation gives the brain the opportunity to set up a new state of homeostasis and provides an opportunity for re-alignment of the body.

Why not experience an Emm-Tech course today or contact us to implement our Move Easy Program within your business and start to see some changes in your Injury Statistics.