Nowhere to Hide – Your business will expose you every time

Ever felt that no matter how hard you try, and how much you invest into you, the change and transformation you are looking for just doesn’t seem to happen?

The peiec approach (*TPA) is a simple yet profoundly powerful approach to create change and transformation, personally and professionally.   Applying TPA to marketing material and communication with customers and when used in decision making and the strategic direction of your business, you have a tool that can ensure that you are true to the purpose and vision that is uniquely yours.

Spend two days focusing on the individuality and uniqueness of you and your business, rather than ‘systems and formulas’.

Create the change you desire;

  • discover what is it you do and why you do it
  • unlock the vision and goals that are hidden behind the busyness of what you do
  • align your marketing and branding to the unique message that supports your purpose and vision
  • learn how colour, words, and intent, empower your unique message attracting people to you, your products and services
  • explore passive income streams that not only educates and excites customers but offers additional income to you
  • recognise the intuitive you and discover how to work from that intuitive /creative energetic space

Sandra J & Rochelle’s training events teach the concept of accepting the totality of self to become the catalyst for the change you desire, personally and professionally. Working in their creative energetic space, open and guided energetically in their teaching and direction, each event gives you the knowledge, skills and practical guidance to build your personal and professional brand around the uniqueness of you.

Founders and facilitators of the peiec approach, with extensive combined experience in business and business development, they have an intuitive and creative energetic approach to business, teaching and creative expression.



August 29th and 30th


Venue: TBA

Cost: $550 INCL GST