Sandra J

Sandra J is the founder of peiec healing and is both teacher and spiritual leader with a passion to create a worldwide community that is energetically aligned and flowing in the abundance of health, peace, presence and purpose that is  held for all. Sandra has been shown that this is truly possible. After experiencing her own healing, and unique experiences in the energetic healing space, she  received guidance and direction that has led her to believe that healing across all of who we are is possible.It is important to have some understanding of how  peiec healing and the information Sandra J uses and works with came to be.

Stepping back to 2012, Sandra reconnected with her father on his deathbed after not seeing him since she was a teenager. As he was overseas and had lived as an Acupuncturist Sandra asked is she could send him some distance healing. As she sat, within herself , connecting to her father a dramatic energy shift occurred and consumed Sandra. Following this experience, Sandra noticed an escalation of energetic symptoms within her body and being surrounded by an energy. This energy she has fondly named “The buzz”. It runs through her and around her, flows into venues, assists in the teaching process, and brings the guided Messages and teachings which has become peiec healing. People have reported dramatic changes in their body and mindset whilst sharing space with Sandra.

In 2016 SandraJ facilitated a healing for Rochelle. This healing allowed Rochelle to live with no chronic pain and fatigue which had affected her life so dramatically for over 40 years.  Following on from the healing, they were left with questions about how these changes had taken place, and why, when the body had been freed from pain and illness that the emotions seemed to kick in, or the thoughts and beliefs held were challenged.

Both were open to the energy that is around us and  hungry for understanding and knowledge around healing and the connection to Source (or energy or God, depending on the words comfortable for you).One evening, after a day of discussion and sitting in the creative energetic space, Rochelle was compelled to write. The energy was thick and heavy, yet comforting and directing. Opening her laptop she closed her eyes and wrote Five Songs of Purpose. After the last words were typed, she closed the lid of the laptop and crawled into bed, not sure of what had been written or what had happened. The next day Sandra J shared how that evening the energy around her ‘amped’, and that she had thoughts and concepts that made no sense. After some discussion they realised that at the same time, they had been given the same information. What they realised was that Sandra J ‘held the energy and let it run to Rochelle’, while Rochelle wrote what was given. While this may seem a little strange, it became the ‘norm’. Five Songs of Purpose, A Quiet Beauty and In Silence and Stillness, were written this way.

After spending a year healing herself using what she had been shown Sandra was instructed to teach others what had been given. The guided messages spoke about how to build the business, to heal and how to teach what had been given and shown. Sandra continues to receive guided teachings and messages and as her understanding increases so do the teachings. The first guided message,The Five Songs of Purpose, is a creative energetic expression of healing and wholeness and the alignment of all that we are across the layers of the Physical, Emotional, Intellect, and the Energetic part of who we are. It is also a blueprint on how to live connected to all that we are and ‘All that is.

Sandra brings a raised consciousness, awareness and activation of healing and personal transformation. As an international spiritual leader, intuitive energetic healer, author and inspirational key note speaker she brings clarity, healing, peace, focus , direction, alignment and the integration of the totality of Self, creating quantum shifts in those around her.

Sandra J has extensive corporate, business and health skills, knowledge and experience, and has worked for the state regulatory agency for OSH and also in senior management roles within private industry. She was also a paramedic with St John Ambulance for over a decade. With a passion for health and wellness, meditation, and Qigong and along with her scholastic pursuits, music, art and creative expression, Sandra J is a skilled, dynamic and intuitive practitioner, teacher and instructor, who embraces her creative energetic space to create a balanced and purpose filled life.

Krystle Lavorgna

“I have always loved connecting with, and helping others, and enjoy seeing others pursue their passion and live their dreams. I have always had a desire to walk along a more spiritual pathway, and have spent may years trying to find myself, my purpose and my reason for being. It wasn’t until meeting Sandra J  that I found a deeper connection to myself, and that longing and searching for something greater than myself has been found in the work that they do. I feel like for the first time in my life, I am truly living my life on purpose”

Krystle Lavorgna has worked in Management and Supervisory roles for the last 15 years, and was owner/operator of a successful Pilates & Wellness Centre that transformed lives by rehabilitating the body using a gentle approach to body movement. Krystle has a passion for helping others, is down to earth and bubbly in nature. She is a Practitioner of the peiec healing and Mother of two young children, and approaches life from a holistic point of view. Krystle is an intuitive and energy sensitive practitioner who understands others on a deeper level, and is currently undergoing peiec healing instructor training.