About Rochelle & Sandra J


About Rochelle & SandraJ


We are conscious channels to Source; authors, teachers and healers. We started Flip180 with a healing, a guided message, a laptop and a whiteboard, and truck load of questions that we sought answers to. From those answers and continued guided messages and direction we are honoured to give you an opportunity to experience and participate in awakening and connecting to all that you are, and, in connecting to Source.

Our workshops, live events, courses, meditations, books, mentoring/coaching/transformation sessions, and healing sessions, are designed to guide and support you on this journey. Surrendering and opening to receive all that is to receive; healing, knowledge, understanding, direction, light, love, purity and truth is the essence of how we work.

We are inspired and guided to share the Messages from Source globally, and assist you to come home to all that is you and all that you will become.

Thank you for being you and for all that you do. We are grateful for all that is you and for your contributions to our world, and, we are so thankful that you have connected with us.

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Why we do what we do!

We are honoured to serve as a clear conscious channel of the messages, direction, teaching and healing from Source.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were both disconnected from a the truth of who we are and from Source. After receiving our own healings, and continuing the desire to connect with ‘all that is’, the energy, love, light, purity, and healing that flows from Source, we are now passionate to help others to do the same.

When you stand in all that is you, connected to and open to give and receive, it creates a change that reaches far beyond you.   This healing and positive change not only moves through you but affects those closest to you, your friends and family, and all of humanity.

You deserve healing, to stand in all that is you, to connect to Source and all of who you are.

This is why we do what we do.

We hope you enjoy the many articles, messages from source, and resources here at flip180


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Professional Bio

Rochelle & SandraJ have shed their corporate identity to share the guided messages they have been receiving, and to give people an opportunity to experience and participate in awakening and connecting with Source.

Inspirational speakers and authors, working in their creative energetic space, open and guided in their teaching and direction, they share their knowledge, skills and practical guidance in healing and transformation both on a personal and professional level.

Working together they, facilitate healing, teach, and share the messages received, in events, books, workshops and one-on-one mentoring and healing sessions, which are filled with the unconditional love, healing, transformation and high vibrational energy that flows from Source

Rochelle & SandraJ are honoured to be able to share the healing, messages and wisdom they receive, to serve humanity, and all life.


Authors of:

Five Songs of Purpose   In Silence and Stillness    Messages from Source    A Quiet Beauty


How Rochelle & SandraJ receive information and guided teachings and how peiec healing and the peiec approach was received.

Both have experienced healing, change and transformation from and with energy healing. Following on from the healings, they were left with questions about how these changes were taking place, and why, when the body had been freed from pain and illness that the emotions seemed to kick in, or the thoughts and beliefs held were challenged.

Both are open to the energy that is around us and are hungry for understanding and knowledge around healing and the connection to Source (or energy or God, depending on the words comfortable for you).

One evening, after a day of discussion and sitting in the creative energetic space, Rochelle was compelled to write. The energy was thick and heavy, yet comforting and directing. Opening her laptop she closed her eyes and “ wrote” Five Songs of Purpose . After the last words were typed, she closed the lid of the laptop and crawled into bed, not sure of what had been written or what had happened.

The next day Sandra J shared how that evening the energy around her ‘amped’, and that she had thoughts and concepts that made no sense. After some discussion they realised that at the same time, they had been given the same information. Sandra J ‘held the energy’, while Rochelle wrote what was given.

While this may seem a little strange, it has become the ‘norm’. Five Songs of Purpose, A Quiet Beauty and In Silence and Stillness, and Messages from Source were written in this way. There have been messages around how to build the business, to heal others and self and how to teach what has been given and shown to them.

Rochelle & SandraJ are what is considered a conscious channel to Source.


What is a conscious channel?

During conscious channelling, the messenger (channel) is in a relaxed, and expanded state of consciousness that occurs when they allow higher vibrational beings to align with them for the purpose of communication, healing, and the sharing of information. (In our case the connection is with Source.)

While conscious channelling, you are vibrationally elevated, and a conscious channelled message and a strong and high energy frequency then flows through. ( In our case these messages and energy are directly linked to healing and transformation.)

You receive the message word for word and pass it on directly. In that connection, words and concepts are based on your vocabulary, but the message is direct from the Source.

Conscious Channelling helps to create positive healing and transformation in those who hear the messages.

BIOs in Business

  Sandra J

“I have always been aware of my creative energetic space, but laid it aside to pursue what was expected in regards to working and earning a living. The desire to step fully into that space, and walk in the true me, has been ignited. After meeting with Rochelle, I realised that together we could create a business that not only allowed me to work in that creative energetic space, but also help others to step into that space, on a personal and business level.” Sandra J

Sandra J has extensive corporate, business and health skills, knowledge and experience, and has worked for the state regulatory agency for OSH and also in senior management roles within private industry. With a long history of teaching and training throughout her career she is also an Instructor & Practitioner of the EMMETT Technique. With a passion for health and wellness, meditation, and Qigong and along with her scholastic pursuits, music, art and creative expression, Sandra J is a skilled, dynamic and intuitive practitioner, teacher and instructor, who embraces her creative energetic space to create a balanced and purpose filled life.

Rochelle McDonnell

“For so long I have pushed aside and shut down the creative energetic part of my life. After writing The Weaving, and releasing it to the world, I realised I that had created something unique and filled with an energetic message. I was not expecting the responses and reactions that I got from people who read the book. It was at that point, and, after meeting with Sandra J, I decided it was time to step into my true creative self, and work together to create a business that was focused on showing others how to step into that space and build a life and business that was truly on purpose’.

Rochelle has worked in corporate, local government, and not for profit organisations in various management roles. Skilled in business development, change management, and creating new business initiatives, she works intuitively in her creative space. Rochelle has lectured and taught at TAFE, and delivered and developed numerous workshops and seminars over the years in the roles she has held. Author of several books, music is her other creative expression. She has an intuitive and creative energetic approach to business, teaching and creative expression.