Meet the Team

 Managing Director – Sandra J

Founder of Flip 180 & Flip 180 Life

Co-founder and creator of peiec healing and peiec approach

Through powerful innovative methodology, and working within the knowledge of the universal principles taught by the spiritual masters and traditional science Sandra J brings a raised awareness and activation of healing and personal transformation. As a spiritual teacher and intuitive energetic healer, mentor, entrepreneur, author and key note speaker she brings clarity, focus, direction, alignment and the integration of the totality of Self, creating quantum shifts personally and professionally.

Master Practitioner and Instructor in peiec healing and the peiec approach she is both mentor and teacher, with a passion and drive to create a community that is energetically aligned and flowing in the abundance held for all.

Sandra J has extensive corporate, business and health skills, knowledge and experience, and has worked for the state regulatory agency for OSH and also in senior management roles within private industry. She was also a paramedic with St John Ambulance for over a decade. With a long history of teaching and training throughout her career she is also an Instructor & Practitioner of the EMMETT Technique. With a passion for health and wellness, meditation, and Qigong and along with her scholastic pursuits, music, art and creative expression, Sandra J is a skilled, dynamic and intuitive practitioner, teacher and instructor, who embraces her creative energetic space to create a balanced and purpose filled life.

Rochelle McDonnell

Founder of Jewel House & Jewel House Publishing

Co-founder and creator of peiec healing and peiec approach

An Intuitive transformation strategist, teacher, author and key note speaker Rochelle uses proven cutting edge principles and strategies to unlock your inner guidance, break through the road blocks, and uncover your true purpose, path and direction.

Master Practitioner and Instructor in the peiec approach, Rochelle eases you through the uncertainty and highly personal journey of transformation and change both personally and professionally to create the freedom, wealth, focus, direction and the life and business you desire.

Rochelle has worked in corporate, local government, and not for profit organisations in various management roles. Skilled in business development, change management, and creating new business initiatives, she works intuitively in her creative space. Rochelle has lectured and delivered and developed numerous workshops and seminars over the years in the roles she has held. Author of several books, music is her other creative expression. She has an intuitive and creative energetic approach to business, teaching and creative expression.


Krystle Lavorgna

“I have always loved connecting with, and helping others, and enjoy seeing others pursue their passion and live their dreams. I have always had a desire to walk along a more spiritual pathway, and have spent may years trying to find myself, my purpose and my reason for being. It wasn’t until meeting Sandra J and Rochelle that I found a deeper connection to myself, and that longing and searching for something greater than myself has been found in the work that they do. I feel like for the first time in my life, I am truly living my life on purpose, and am excited to join the Team and help to take this Business to new heights.”

Krystle Lavorgna has worked in Management and Supervisory roles for the last 15 years, and was owner/operator of a successful Pilates & Wellness Centre that transformed lives by rehabilitating the body using a gentle approach to body movement. Krystle has a passion for helping others, is down to earth and bubbly in nature. She is a Practitioner of the EMMETT Technique and Mother of two young children, and approaches life from a holistic point of view. Krystle is an intuitive and energy sensitive practitioner who understands others on a deeper level, and is currently training to be a peiec healing practitioner.

Jo Hilton

“ I have been involved with and around spirituality for years in various forms, however it wasn’t until I had a personal transformation session with Rochelle and Sandra J that I realised I wasn’t living my true purpose. I have always naturally helped people around me to become better versions of themselves and now I have joined Flip180 team I get to do this everyday! I feel truly blessed to have found a team of people who I resonate with and can grow and learn and evolve daily”

Jo has been in the service industry spanning most of her career, since being in hospitality in the British Navy through to more recently a corporate sales executive. She has a vast of knowledge around sales and customer service focus and loves helping people and has taken on the role of Business Manager within Flip180.  Jo has previously owned and operated a college teaching Massage and yoga and provided through the college many other therapy training options. One of Jo’s key focuses is working with the LGBTI  community to help heal and create a strong sense of self for people struggling within the community. Jo  is currently training to be a peiec healing practitioner.


Bee Pope

Whether you are a time poor professional, a busy mum or simply lacking motivation, I would love to work with you and help you create more time in your schedule to fit it all in, with time to spare, and still feel fabulous.
I came from a position where I was totally sinking as a mum of three kids under two years of age and trying to do it all, but something needed to change.
I am now super organised, have my priorities in place, feel amazing and am getting so much out of life and my family! I want to pass this onto you.
I would love to help you get more organised to get more out of your day, your life, and your relationships. I will work with you to create freedom and a lifestyle you desire and deserve.
I have planners and tools to assist you on your organised lifestyle journey, provide concierge services so you can outsource all of your to do lists and undesirable tasks, and if you like my style then I would love to declutter your living spaces and turn them into stylish, organised, practical and functional spaces that you just love to be in.
I am passionate about giving, helping others and being organised so I would love to ‘Give you the Gift of Time’ and create a life for you that you just love and totally deserve.
Bee x