Grow your business in alignment with your energetic connection

Spend two days focusing on the individuality and uniqueness of you and your business in the healing space.

  1. discover what is it you do and why you do it
  2. unlock the vision and goals that are uniquely yours
  3. align your communication to the unique message that supports your purpose and vision
  4. learn how colour, words, and intent, empower your unique message attracting people to you
  5. align your business to the modality & energetic healing space that your work in
  6. build a life & business that supports you, your goals, your vision, your uniqueness, to empower you in your health, wellness and abundance choices


Sandra J & Rochelle, working in their creative energetic space, open and guided in their teaching and direction, will give you knowledge, skills and practical guidance to grow your business in alignment with the totality of who you are and what you do.

Exclusively Designed For Practitioners Working In A Healing Modality



Tuesday 29th

& Wednesday 30th

Cost: $550 GST incl.

Venue TBA