You deserve everything you want







Workshop August

Saturday 19th August

Time: 8:30 – 4:30

Cost: $275 GST incl.

Venue TBA

You deserve everything that you want.

Move from a place of lack, incompleteness, sickness, unhappiness and anxiety, by harnessing the power of giving and receiving.

We will show you that;
You are deserving of all that you desire to be;
You are deserving of the healing that you seek;
You are deserving of the release of all that is stopping you from moving forward in all that you want to be, all that you can be and all that you will become;
You are deserving of the healing touch of another;
You are deserving of standing in a place that is not held in lack;
You are deserving of the purity of love that flows from the compassionate touch of another;
You are deserving of the words of hope and life and of truth;
You are deserving of all that is yours to have;

The only person that holds you back from receiving that is you. It is your thoughts, your beliefs and your understanding of self.

So to step into a place of acceptance and giving and receiving for self, and say …
I am and I will be and I deserve to have, because I am worthy and beautiful, and the core of who I am is filled with essence and purity, light and love, and I can become all that I desire to become.

This energetically guided workshop will awaken the inner you and create the change you desire.
Flip180life: Raising Consciousness & Awakening Your Spiritual Self through Accepting & Healing the Totality of Self.

SandraJ & Rochelle have been given clear guided teaching for this workshop and will be open and guided energetically in their teaching and direction.
Each workshop will give you knowledge, skills, and practical guidance to create change, healing, and transformation

Cost: $275 GST included.

Discounted tickets if you want to attend Awakening the Inner You and this workshop, and special offer ticket prices for those doing the peiec healing practitioners course.

if you have any questions, or not sure if this is right for you, Rochelle is more than happy to have a chat … give her a call on 0478 708 962….

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