Saturday 24th  & Sunday 25th March

Time: 8:30 – 4:30

Cost: $550 GST incl.

Venue Prescriptive Fitness 12 station Street Cottesloe

  • The courses have been written as given through the Guided messages from Source
  •  We explore and discuss The disconnect to self and the disconnect of self.’
  •  We will explore the concept of the Layers ( Core , Energetic, Intellect, Emotional and Physical)
  •  Understanding the layers in healing and the life moments that affect our life and health
  • You will be shown how to recognise and sit in Core and recognise your own layers
  • We explore the Place of the Healer, the acceptance of healing for self and the purity of healing

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Peiec Practitioner Training        Course Brochure

Peiec healing takes you on a journey of self-discovery unlike any other with a knowing beyond knowing that all is possible and that healing is there for all of us to have. There is no program like this offered anywhere else. All modules for the course have been given as guided messages, the information is deep and profound, with clear guidance on how to heal others and yourself. It is a life changing program that will bring healing, change and deep personal growth. It will teach you how to heal across the layers of the physical, emotional, intellect and energetic, and connect you to the Core of you, deepening your connection to the energy of All that is.

What skills or knowledge do I need?

You need to be energy aware or sensitive, open to receive guided messages from Source and be willing to do the work to heal yourself before you begin to work with others. The messages we have received are very specific… ‘First one must teach of self…. Of the beauty of self…, To see self from this place is the beginning of understanding. It is the beginning of healing for self, and it is in the healing of self that one can stand and heal’.

What would I do with what I learn?

Compliment your current modality or set up your own business as a peiec practitioner or join SandraJ as she creates a global network of peiec practitioners .

Add the peiec approach to your business counselling, life coaching, counselling, or personal development business or set up your own coaching/counselling business as a practitioner in the peiec approach or join SandraJ as she creates a global network of practitioners in the peiec approach

Please Note: It is only when you are certified as a recognised peiec  practitioner in the peiec approach or peiec healing that you are able to do the above.

 The steps to becoming a recognised practitioner in peiec healing or the peiec approach

Attend Modules One and Two, these are the foundation modules for peiec healing and the peiec approach.

The steps to becoming a recognised practitioner in peiec healing or the peiec approach.

There are three paths you can take once modules one and two are completed.

Path one: Use what you have learned to continue your healing journey for yourself. However you cannot practice as a peiec energy healer or practitioner in the peiec approach.

Path Two: Continue your journey to become a recognised peiec healing practitioner.

Path Three: Continue your journey to become a recognised practitioner in the peiec approach.

What will it cost me?

Modules One & Two – 2 day course – $550

All other modules – 2 day course – $550

Four day retreats – for personal healing, reflection, ongoing training, and nurturing. Price on application.

Annual Registration Fee once you are recognised as a practitioner: $200 – An annual certificate of recognition will be issued, and you will have the opportunity to attend global events, workshops, and retreats.

We will also be offering a comprehensive support program where Rochelle &/or SandraJ will work hand in hand with you and Source to actualise your business as a peiec energy healer or practitioner in the peiec approach. This will be a three month supported journey. Price on application.