Podcasts and audio engagement with customers and clients is now a ‘must do’ for a business to stand in the social media field. However, knowing what to say, and how to present can be a challenge.

Understanding the psychology and energetic connection in crafting your message and presenting engaging and compelling podcasts is the key to connecting to your tribe.

We can teach you the skills to craft your message in a way that fully engages your listeners to deeply connect with you and your business. And, show you how to ‘own the space’ with the key platforms for hosting, engaging, and building your audience.

Applying the peiec approach to your podcasts, where all layers are considered in the words, tone, colour, kinaesthetically, emotionally and from the intellect, raises curiosity and intrigue that attracts and compels.

At each workshop we will be giving away some exciting bonuses which include;

  • Free interviews on 101 Business Radio
  • One hour follow-up calls with Sandra J & Rochelle to put you in front of the pack in building your podcast empire

Sandra J has co-hosted her own business show on 101 Business Radio, and is a skilled interviewer. Her design and media skills are an added bonus when considering the look and feel of your podcasting site and promotional and marketing platforms.

Rochelle worked at 101 Business Radio in its early conception; she has interviewed and hosted her own shows, edited and scheduled programs and brings ‘insider knowledge’ to the workshops.

In all workshops Sandra J and Rochelle work in their creative energetic space, open and guided energetically in their teaching and direction.

June 14th

8.30 – 11.00

Crafting Your Message

There’s podcasts and then… there’s engagement and inspiration, this introductory workshop will give you the five key steps to craft your message and engage your tribe.

You will walk away with;

  • The message that is uniquely yours to build your podcasts around;
  • How to maximise your exposure through podcasting;
  • And a big picture strategy of the key sites to hosts and promote your podcasts through.


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August 5th

8:30 – 4:00

Podcasting – Engagement with a Twist

In this one day workshop we define your message and the purpose for creating podcasts that have an educational and engaging connection, using the peiec approach as the foundation to craft podcasts that connect across the physical, emotional, intellectual and energetic.

In the afternoon we look at the practical tools needed to create a podcast, this includes editing tools, conversion to mp4, where to host for free and how to promote.

At the end of the day you will have

  • a clear strategy for defining the message and content of a podcast
  • understanding of the basic equipment and tools need to successfully podcast
  • the three sites to promote and host your podcasts for maximum exposure
  • 5 key steps to create engaging and compelling content


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August 29th & 30th

8:30 – 4:30

Master Class – Podcasting.

The two day work shop is limited in numbers, so be quick to register.

Day One

We define your message, your purpose for doing what you do and show you how to take that message and map out a series of podcasts that will educate, promote and engage.

You will script three podcasts, and map the content across the layers.

We will show you the tools needed to podcast, free and paid options, and give you some tips on editing and presenting your podcast in a professional and engaging way.

We will give a list of places to host your podcast, and assist you to register and set up your podcasting platform, linking them to Facebook and iTunes.

Day Two

This is a hands- on podcasting practical day.

Sandra J and Rochelle will interview you, and work with you to record three podcasts.

While individual recordings are being done, there will be a number of group podcasts recorded on specific topics that you identify.

Once recordings are done, we will assist with basic editing and then uploading to the hosting platforms, and scheduling for release.

On completion of the Master Class;

  • you will have defined and scripted your message
  • recorded three individual podcasts and a number of group podcasts that will be uploaded and ‘live’ or scheduled to the hosting sites you have chosen.


What to bring;

Your laptop and power cord, a flash drive, and your log in details to your social media sites.