Peiec transformation – personal development

Flip180 offers two programs for those that would like to take their lives to the next level. We provide 3 , 6 and 12 month programs that will transform and change your life allowing you to be the best you deserve to be.

Ever wondered why you….

  • You feel stuck?
  • Struggle to find direction?
  • Feel overwhelmed?
  • Always feel a deep sadness?
  • Or,
  • Struggle with anxious thoughts?
  • Maybe you are battling dis-ease in the body, or feel life is a roller coaster and you just want the ride to stop.

‘Life moments’, thoughts, beliefs, trauma, a broken heart, a loss of a loved one, disease and illness, bullying, and the words and actions of others imprint on all the layers of self, (the Physical, Emotional, Intellect, Energetic/intuitive, and Core).peiec transformation works across the layers gently releasing, calming and healing the imprint of those ‘life moments’, this creates the transformation and change which brings the release, calm, healing, clarity, purpose and direction that is yours to have.

Peiec transformation gives you;

  • Release from pain, sickness, illness
  • Direction, awareness and a deeper connection to you true purpose.
  • Clarity.
  • Understanding of the beauty of who you are held in the deepest part of self.
  • Shifts in beliefs and thoughts removing the ‘stuck’ feelings.
  • Release
  • Calmness
  • Happiness,
  • A sense of well-being,
  • Hope and joy.

Powerful and energetically guided, piece transformation lets you live life.

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