Peiec healing:

Peiec is an acronym for the physical, emotional, intellect, energetic and core.

Peiec energy healing and the peiec approach, release, calm and heal across the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Energetic parts of who we are, calming and releasing those life moments which are held in the body at a cellular level.

In the calming, releasing and healing energetically, there is healing physically, a release of emotions and thoughts which do not continue to support you, and a deeper connection to the Core of who you are.

Core is the pure essence of you, untouched by all that has happened, untouched by the drama, the trauma, the fear, anxiety, confusion or the pain that you carry. When we connect to Core and understand the beauty of who we are, we are able to connect with all of who we are, it is in that connection and the connection to Source, The Universe, God or the energy that is around you, that true healing begins.

Where did peiec healing come from?

Rochelle & Sandra J have both experienced healing, change and transformation from and with energy healing.

Just a quick explanation on energy healing:

Simply put, we are energy, all things are energy, and everything around us vibrates at different frequencies. The body vibrates at a cellular level and the higher the vibration, the greater the state of wellness and wholeness. The lower the vibration, the body and mind is more accepting of sickness, pain, trauma and disease.

When there is a block in energy, a ‘road block’ physically, emotionally, or in our thoughts and beliefs, we are affected energetically.

Energy healing, is an openness to Source. In the context of how Rochelle & Sandra J work, Source is all things, the greater energy that is in all things, and expressed in all things.

In standing open and in total belief that healing is, and energy is, and Source is, they work energetically through the physical, emotional, intellect and energetic layers releasing, calming and healing. Energetic healing in this way creates massive changes in all parts of a person’s life and frees the cellular memories, both at a chemical and life force or energetic level.

Following on from the healings, they were left with questions about how these changes were taking place, and why, when the body had been freed from pain and illness that the emotions seemed to kick in, or the thoughts and beliefs held were challenged.

Both are open to the energy that is around us and are hungry for understanding and knowledge around healing and the connection to Source (or energy or God, depending on the words comfortable for you).

One evening, after a day of discussion and sitting in the creative energetic space, Rochelle was compelled to write. The energy was thick and heavy, yet comforting and directing. Opening her laptop she closed her eyes and wrote Five Songs of Purpose. After the last words were typed, she closed the lid of the laptop and crawled into bed, not sure of what had been written or what had happened.

The next day Sandra J shared how that evening the energy around her ‘amped’, and that she had thoughts and concepts that made no sense. After some discussion they realised that at the same time, they had been given the same information. Sandra J ‘held the energy’, while Rochelle wrote what was given.

While this may seem a little strange, it has become the ‘norm’. Five Songs of Purpose, A Quiet Beauty and In Silence and Stillness, were written this way (as have parts of this book). There have been messages around how to build the business, to heal and how to teach what has been given and shown to them.

The Five Songs of Purpose, which in many ways is a creative energetic expression of healing and wholeness and the alignment of all that we are across the layers of the Physical, Emotional, Intellect, and the Energetic part of who we are. It is also a blueprint on how to live connected to all that we are and ‘All that is’.


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