Health, wellness and change, words used with little thought at times, yet critical to our overall well-being, especially when we consider that you are your business, and your business is you.

The peiec approach is a simple yet profoundly powerful approach to create change and transformation, personally and professionally.   We are talking about growth and transformation that is empowering, liberating, filled with purpose, and with the joy of life and living.

It is based on the principle, that there are five layers, these are the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Energetic or intuitive and Core.

When the peiec approach is applied in business, the results are transformation and growth that is long term and sustainable.

Applying TPA to marketing material and communication with customers, where all layers are considered in the words, tone, colour, kinesthetically, emotionally and from the intellect, raises curiosity and intrigue that attracts and compels.

Using the approach in sales, ensuring words, information, body language, tone, and visual tools meet and resonate with all the layers, you will find a customer is more likely to engage and make the decision to buy or to work with you.

When applied in decision making and the strategic direction of the business, you have a tool that can ensure that you are true to the purpose and vision for your business.

In creating new products and services, you can map the change to the layers, once again ensuring the product and service, not only supports the vision and direction of your business, but meets the needs of customers.

The peiec approach considers the uniqueness of you, personally and professionally, and has been designed to enhance the skills and talents that support and sustain you and your business.

Flip180Biz offer ongoing support, tools and resources to help you achieve your goals, and build and grow your business. These include;

Business Growth

Communication and Leadership

Change and Business Development

Product Development and Creation

Launching a new product or service.

Living and working in your authentic self.

Design concepts – branding, marketing and logos

Specific projects – management, strategies, and innovation

Cultural Intelligence – values and culture for your business.

Marketing and sales

Listening and Acting on Your Intuition


Sandra J & Rochelle hold a wealth of business knowledge and experience. Skilled counsellors and business coaches, teachers, and intuitive practitioners, their knowledge, experience, and practical approach to business, change and transformation, coupled with the peiec approach will give you and your business an advantage that you will not find anywhere else.

Ps: They know what it is like to run, manage, promote, eat, sleep and breathe a business.