The TPA Mentor program is a one day (usually five hours) with Sandra J and Rochelle with the purpose of assisting you to;

Discover your purpose, the ‘why’ that underpins what you want to do;

Capture your ‘ideal business’, the look, feel, colours, images, thoughts, sounds of what that ideal business is for you;

Using the peiec approach , map the words, images, thoughts, ideas against the layers to begin to form a picture of which layers you work in, and how this can be best used in your business;

Translate those images, thoughts, ideas, the unique skills and talents you have into ideas and strategies for your business growth, development, marketing and communication, and passive income streams.

Create a high level strategy to actualise your business.

A written report capturing the thoughts, ideas, strategies, goals and purpose that is uniquely yours both personally and professionally, will be sent to you.

Working in their creative energetic space, and using their knowledge, skills and expertise in business, Sandra J and Rochelle will help you unlock you and your business.