Wow!! Here is some feedback from someone that has been listening to the Five Songs of Purpose meditation mp3. We certainly can relate to the changes that are occurring in people as both Rochelle and Sandra J listen to this meditation every day.

“I downloaded the Five Songs Meditation a few weeks ago, and have listened to it quite a few times since.

So, what has it done for me?
– Lifted me out of a serious depressive
– Given me more energy to get through
my days
– Helped me switch off at night when I
listen to it and sleep a deep sleep
– Given me motivation to declutter my
– Allowed me to get rid of things I had
been holding onto for years, trying to
keep the memorys
– I am HELL of a lot more calmer and
approachable (ask Mitch)
– I am driven to achieve things and
have more of a spring in my step
– I don’t feel overwhelmed by small
small things anymore
– What other people say or do doesn’t
affect me like it used to
– I don’t feel weighed down by what
Is happening in the World
– I am focussed & more clear in my
– I am speaking out more in my truth”
Krystle, Perth

We would love to hear your feedback if you have been listening and reading the Five Songs of Purpose

Awesome!!…what else can one say. Five songs of Purpose meditation mp3 helping  people with pain. Here is some feedback

“I guess you could say that the ‘5 Songs of Purpose’ meditation has now become my drug of choice.  You see, I experience neural and musculoskeletal pain, especially during the night, and my body doesn’t tolerate anti-inflammatory meds.  Nor do I want to rely long-term on medication to manage this condition, although I have had at times resorted to it to alleviate the symptoms, with minimal effect.

Sandra suggested I download and listen to ‘5 Songs’ and thanks to her and this meditation I am now sleeping better without being woken up in the middle of the night from deep pain which in the past made it very uncomfortable to return to sleep.

For about 2 weeks on and off, I’ve been playing the mp3 on my iPad as I drift off to sleep.  Initially, the beauty and eloquence of the words spoken had me enthralled and wide awake.  I’ve yet, however, to hear the reading to the end as I fall into a deep relaxed sleep, most often before reaching the third song.  Although it’s only been a fortnight or so, I notice the difference in my sleeping pattern and sleep disturbance from pain when I play the recording.  Arising from bed is also not as painful. There is a definite disparity on the nights I haven’t played the recording.

I’ve realized that by making this my bedtime ritual I am creating a natural pain medication plan for myself.  Medication or meditation, for me ‘5 Songs of Purpose’ is one and the same thing. Blessings to Sandra and Rochelle!”


Another wonderful bit of feedback from a person who is regularly listening to Five Songs of Purpose meditation mp3.

“What did the 5 songs do for me? I find this a hard question to answer as it was not all straight forward and roses. The first few times I listened there were a lot of tears and emotional release, something I am not comfortable with yet know is needed for healing. I was grateful that I didn’t have to think about what I experienced each time I listened, I just needed to allow whatever came up in order to allow the healing I needed. I appreciated that. The first few times I listened, the healing was so deep and the energy so strong, that I fell soundlessly asleep for a while after.

I listened every day, and each time was different. I found resonance with different songs depending on where i was at, and sometimes it was simply the understanding within them that brought a sense of stillness and peace at times when I felt deeply troubled. The more i listened, the more ease I found within myself, and I also found that listening before bed or as I drifted off to sleep, resulted in a restful nights sleep.

Listening to the 5 songs has now become a part of my daily self care routine. I know that even during the times when I am too tired to actively meditate, I can listen and still receive the healing I need at that time. This is invaluable when life has moments of business and you still want to do something to nurture yourself.

When you’ve been touched without being touched…

There are times when I’ve needed healing but haven’t found the words to ask, too afraid, too undeserving. But there are those that hear without needing the words, they see the need, feel it perhaps. I woke during the night, sweating, yet it was not hot. Awareness creeping into my senses, the pain that had been the last few days was strangely missing, I searched but found nothing, just empty space and stillness. No thoughts, no feelings, no pain. Relief washed over me at the realisation, today would be easier than the last without the assault of thoughts and feelings. I could feel my body buzzing, vibrating with the intensity of energy. My senses had been dull in the days prior, and I had just aimed to get through the days that had seemed to have lost their meaning. The change in how I felt was a stark contrast, but a welcome one. If I had any doubt that I had received healing while I slept, those thoughts were dismissed after I looked in the mirror. My face looked different, almost angelic like, holding more light, less burdened with life’s concerns. My body felt different too. The moment my feet touched the floor, there was awareness that I felt different in my body, lighter, balanced, with no physical tightness or pain. It felt strange to feel so different from the day before, but it felt good too. As a couple of days have passed since that morning, I am beginning to notice joy and a stronger sense of purpose slowly creeping back in. The days are beginning to have meaning once again. Thankyou Sandra for helping me when I couldn’t find the words to ask.



Tales of a housesit cat.

I’ve done a lot of housesitting over the years and have come across cats with an assortment of personalities and curious ways of being but they usually remain pretty consistent to character on subsequent return visits to housesit. However I noticed your usually aloof and timid black rescue cat Lacey was remarkably different when I visited the second and third times to housesit. She took a couple of days to warm to me the first time I housesat, and although she accepted my presence in the house she still remained timid and would run and hide if I moved while she ate, and would generally stay safely tucked away under the couch watching me from a safe distance, if I saw her at all.

This time however, as soon as I brought my stuff inside the house she appeared and stayed around while I got settled. Once I sat down, much to my surprise, she came and brushed herself against my legs asking for pats and attention! So what had changed I wondered? …..when you said she’d been layered it all began to make sense. Seems pets benefit from peiec healing as much as people do! The change in her was significant from the way she had been the first time I stayed. She was now calmer, more friendly and engaging, and didn’t run away anymore if I moved while she was eating. She also seems to be eating much better as she is not so anxious. Her coat looks thicker and glossier and her face more relaxed, with eyes softer in their expression. Beautiful to see such a significant transformation in a pet from one visit to the next.


Lovely testimonial. Thank you !!
This is how quickly trauma can be cleared from the body…
Disappearing Bruise
“I was helping a friend float load a horse that didn’t want to go on when I ended up with a nasty bruise and swelling. I don’t recall how the injury happened as I wasn’t aware of it until later when I started noticing the pain, and the tell-tale purple colouring appear. The before photo was taken a little after Rochelle had started doing some energy work on my hand that same afternoon. As you can see in the photos, the bruised area had already started changing to a more brown red colour rather than the initial black purple that it had been when I first noticed it. While Rochelle worked on my finger I could feel the area of damage where the bruise shows, all tingling and buzzing, and I became aware of energy running up my arm and down my hand, and other areas of pain that had also been caused by the initial injury that I had not previously been aware of. As Rochelle continued to work, the bruise continued to change colour and lighten until only a little redness remained. I had use of my hand again and was able to open and close it without any restriction or pain, and the swelling had come down. With the pain gone, I gave it no more thought until 2 days later I looked down at my hand and realised there was no sign of any bruise or injury remaining. Pretty amazing! Thankyou Rochelle”











I have done a TPA and a couple contemplation and healing sessions with Rochelle and Sandra and have had a massive change in the way I approach all levels of my life. It is difficult to explain exactly what I have gone through but the energetic work is powerful and you have a knowing that you are healing and processing because you are so light , clear and centred. I work in the healing industry and my clients have had some amazing responses from the work I have done since I have done this. The 5 songs of purpose has empowered myself plus my clients. If anyone is contemplating working with Rochelle and Sandra at Flip180 I highly recommend it.

Thank you both for helping me find my direction and purpose.

Love and light



So much has shifted in one session of Peiec! During my session I visualised putting all my ‘stuff to let go of’ on a train and visualising it dropping off a cliff never to return! It’s been 7 days and it’s been up and up since then. There are no excuses holding me back. It’s like the reset button has been pushed on my life and a new life turbo button has been installed! Simply amazing and I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity. Thank you Sandra and Roch for my amazing experience with you!


I’m not really sure if I can put into words what actually happened. I was and still am blown away with how powerful this experience was. I walked into my session not really knowing what to expect. I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and a rain cloud hanging over my head. By the time I left I could feel the weight sliding down my back and a beautiful beam of sunshine poking through the clouds right at me. A sense of bubbles being burst that had been hanging over me for some time. Since my session I feel a completely different person. I feel light, radiant and happy.Sandra and Rochelle, I thank you so much. An emotional yet magical experience.


Wow, is all I could say for a good few days after my healing session with Sandra and Rochelle. Three of the hardest words to say are “I need help” well I asked and boy did I get it. Since my session I have had some big shifts emotionally and physically. Thank you so much for introducing me to the PEIEC approach. Much love Nic xxxxxx


“Well hello lovely ladies!

I had a session with you on Friday 30th June and have been meaning for a long time to send you the below feedback. It has been pretty amazing! Thank you x

About 3-4 weeks after my session with you two I seemed to have had many ‘shifts’;

Back Pain – Previously would flare up every afternoon, now is almost non-existent.My Core/pelvic floor muscles – seem to have re-memorized and are now engaging on their own (something my physio gave me exercises for but I had not been doing them) – hence the improved back pain.

Breathing – After a few days or a week?.  I was finding myself breathing properly, beforehand I would often find myself holding my breath at anxious, stressed or in pain moments which would lead to tension in the body and a downward spiral of anxiety almost leading to anxiety attacks. And my anxiety seems to be approx 85% improved after approx. 4 weeks.

A lot of beliefs that seem to have been ‘drilled’ into me  over the last couple of years I have learnt to let go of, and just let things be, and what feels good for me.. eg,
Eating habits are semi back to normal – after being slightly obsessed with a healthy and semi organic diet. Eating Lamb again, eating dairy and soy with not so many consequences (previously ‘intolerant’). – this may be somewhat related to the improved anxiety and what I call ‘cleared beliefs’.

I have become more compassionate. Realising my fear of becoming my mother/parents has almost gone, and I am now almost proud of who they are and the carefree life they live/have lived. (although still knowing what part of them I don’t want to become)

I have been having a lot more social energy and actually wanting to and initiating interaction with people/friends more. And feeling like I want to start dating again and getting my ‘mojo’ back.

What I am most happy about!…. The tension in the left side of neck has gone completely, this would come on at the slightest frustration in life, and was preventing me from socialising, being motivated and ‘rushing’ and this made me feel like I had to try to live the most relaxed lifestyle I could to avoid this tension. Now all that seems to happen is when I don’t speak up for myself I still get a stiff jaw, but working on this!

I am actually feeling like I am getting back to my old self again!

Thank You!!”


Some wonderful feedback from a client that spent the day with Rochelle and Sandra J

“So today I took the plunge. I had a peiec mentorship session with Sandra and Rochelle from flip180life. Why? You might ask. Well, while I work a 9-5 job to pay the bills like many do, it isn’t what I envisage myself doing for the rest of my life. I have taken the time to develop skills in things that interest me and would now like to put these to practice in my own business, but where does one start? I had no idea!

I thought I knew what I wanted to do in my business but what I wasn’t seeing was the bigger picture of what really spoke to me in the service I wanted to offer or even why I truely wanted to do it? What was I going to get out of it? Would it be enough both in fulfilment and financially? It quickly became apparent that I needed to dig a little deeper, and this is when the true magic happened.

I’ve been listening to the five songs of purpose meditation and feeling the benefits of understanding things about myself I hadn’t known before. From this I know that I operate from the level of the intellect much of the time, it gets the bills paid and ensures I can feed myself, and not get run over while crossing the road. However, it becomes a bit of a problem when trying to access the core of who you are and why you want to do what you do, and limits the long range vision to only that which appears in front of you.

Rochelle and Sandra took me on a journey through their line of questioning today to help me find those deeper answers within myself. I commend their awareness, patience, and creative approach in this task. The mind is a tricky player and it was no easy feat!

From this place the vision of what could be, started to open up. The name chosen fell beautifully inline with that which drives my reason for wanting to do what I do, and resonates with an energy that is uniquely mine. The colours selected were those that I needed to support me on this journey.

From colours and names we ventured deeper into the things that would express and promote what is uniquely mine to offer. Through their eyes I came to see that I had so much more to offer than I realised, and the vision grew even greater.

The session came to a close with a long range plan of how to progress on this journey I’ve chosen for myself, with incremental steps to ensure that this undertaking is a long lasting one that will grow as I grow.

As the sun sets today, I am now excited, empowered, and driven with a passion that wasn’t there when we started this morning. I’m in love with the name for the business, and I do feel a deep sense of security and quiet strength in the colours spoken of. I have the confidence of knowing that this will stand the test of time, where other attempts have failed.

The entire day was so much more than I could have imagined it would be and I can’t wait to begin this new chapter of my life. Thankyou so much Sandra and Rochelle”