As human beings we have a tendency to be creatures of habit

As human beings we have a tendency to be creatures of habit. This doesn’t just apply to our behaviours it also applies to our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes. At times these beliefs and attitudes can be the reason we feel ‘stuck , or perhaps a sense of loss or being unfulfilled. When there is a defining moment, something that rocks our sense of stability, we ask the universal question of ‘why’.

Why me?

Why now?

Or, it’s simply a whispered word, which escapes through clenched teeth.

It is often at that moment of questioning that we start to ‘unravel’ emotionally. Everything becomes a challenge, things that didn’t affect us before, are now ‘major dramas’. We can lose focus, begin to withdraw, or respond with abruptness, or a ‘I couldn’t care less’ attitude. Stress levels start to rise, we feel tired, have ‘sudden’ aches and pains, and our thoughts drift aimlessly, swirling on the emotions and then settling like a truck load of bricks.

We then tend to look for an ‘out’. A new job, a new relationship, something exciting, anything, that will pull us from where we are. When our resources don’t support that change, or the inner circle of people begin to question and brush off our suggestions or disregard what we are feeling, the overwhelm kicks in.

So now not only are you questioning the ‘why’, and what should I do, you begin to doubt if you should be questioning anything at all or even looking at making a change.

It is often at this point, we hit crises mode. And we feel pushed or compelled to make changes. In that crises or ‘why’ moment, we tend to look for our purpose. The why I am here sort of questions. These moments can open up a floodgate of unanswered questions and thoughts that are random and seem to have no logical place to settle.

When we consider that we filter information through the Physical, Emotional and Intellectual, we can begin to identify where the feelings, thoughts, words and desire for the change sit or are held in these layers. In doing this we can begin to ease the confusion and lower the stress. However we can often overlook the Energetic or intuitive part of self, and ignore the inner self, or Core.

Let’s explore this a little. If we consider ‘success’ as an example and the crises moment being ‘I feel I am unsuccessful or I have failed’. Obviously something has happened for those feelings and thoughts to reach the ‘I need to do something’ critical point. It may be a loss of income, you were overlooked for a promotion, a redundancy, or a teen who is breaking all the rules and driving you to distraction. Or, you may have compared your life, the things you do and don’t have, against another’s, and made a decision that they are more successful than you. Whatever the moment that brought you to that thought, you have decided (without conscious thought) that you are ‘less than’. It is from this place you begin to question, to ask the ‘why’, to doubt what you have done, the things you have achieved, your parenting skills, or your inability to acquire those things considered successful.

The ‘less than’ belief is subtle and hidden, however it is often the core belief that is held deeply. Thoughts of ‘I can’t’, ‘I will never be good enough’, why would any on want to work with me’,( to name a few), often hide the ‘less than’ belief.

Being ‘less than’ sits across all layers.

Exploring those thoughts, feelings and physical reactions is critical in being able to determine the steps to take, to move from where you are in that moment, to a place that is energised with action and clarity.

The truth is no one is ‘less than’, we are all unique, nothing that we have done or not done, changes the uniqueness of who we are. The talents and skills you have, are equal to others. They are not less than.

Acceptance is the key. Accepting all that you are, and all that you will be, with an expectation of change that allows you to step into the fullness of who you are.




The power of words.

How often have we considered the power of our words and the words of others?

For me words hold a beauty and synergy that is a joy to play with. As a writer, words are part of me, they express the inner me, the thoughts and beliefs of my characters, and drive the dialogue.

Within my business, words have the power to heal and to release, to build and create, to restore and rebuild.

Seven powerful words were spoken to me… ‘I am going to treat you …now’. These words changed my life, released years of illness, of pain and beliefs that held me bound in a place of ‘less than’. A place that was barren, alone, and without hope.

They also created something new.

A newness in me, and a business that is dynamic and built around the power of words and actions that bring healing and restoration.

Our words are powerful, they can resonate with life and the fullness of all that is, or they can take from us the very thing we desire.

The spoken word holds power. It is energetically connected to the one speaking and to the one being spoken to. The words and energy connect, to create, destroy, rebuild, tear down, or cause harm, and yet, the sound and tone of our words can encourage our body to health and healing.

Words can create ‘less than’ moments for ourselves and for those around us. So our words need to take us to a place of ‘greater than’, where we speak words that pull us above all that we see and believe or that hold us bound in a place that does not feed the inner self.

Physically, words heal and release the body, and from this place we can allow the body to truly live.

Emotionally, words carry the balm that soothes the fear and calms the uncertainty.

Intellectually, words hold truth and wisdom that equip us to walk in our purpose.

Energetically, words connect to all that is, entwining with all that we are.

From the essence of the inner you, words carry all of you.



The more I tried, the more I lied.

True confession time.

Over the past months I have let go all that is familiar, expected and comfortable. In doing that, my life has taken some dramatic turns, and I am experiencing something new every day. I had one of those ‘new experiences’, a moment of clarity and understanding.

A moment of truth …. the more I tried to be what others expected and believed was right for me, the more I lied.

I lied to myself, and to the purpose that is uniquely mine to work in.

I have to say this realisation was not pleasant. It was not comfortable or easy to accept. Yet the more time I gave the thought to settle, the more I began to understand that, that when we stand in a place where all we do is done to placate the needs or expectations of others, we lie to our self. We withhold the truth of who we are, and the beauty of who we are. We do not honour who we are, or the purpose that is ours to walk in.

It is a place of ‘less than.’

We walk in ‘less than’ who we are.

When we walk in a ‘less than’ place in regard to who we are, the acceptance or recognition of others becomes ‘greater than’ the purpose we walk in. From this place we walk in a lie. We use words to justify, calming the inner turmoil, so that we walk the day with some ease and sense of purpose and clarity.

In doing this, we lie to our truth, the truth of who we are, and the purpose we hold, holding on to the belief that what we are doing is necessary. Needful, in that, we must do what we must do, and accept what we must accept.

It is in this place of action and belief, we stand in ‘less than.’

The abundance that is held for us becomes ‘less than.’ We cannot see past the moment we are in, and we cannot see what is being held for us.

To step from that place, to recognise the lie, and the ‘trying’ that holds us in the ‘less than’ place frees us to move in our purpose. When we move in purpose, free from the expectations and beliefs and constraints of others, we being to release all that is being held in that energetic space.

It is in that moment, when we stop trying, still our thoughts and actions, and accept the totality of who we are, that we begin to move in all that we are.





‘speak your truth’

A few months ago, my business partner said to me; ‘speak your truth’. The conflicting emotions at the time I heard those words ranged from anger, to confusion, to surprise, followed by thoughts that were far from supportive.

The words cut deeply, and it has taken some time for them to settle and for me to see them in their purity.

The truth we speak is so often the words of others. It is their beliefs, thoughts, and ideals about who we are and how we should be.

The speaking of your truth is found in the essence of who you are. The inner you, untouched by the actions or words of others, or smothered in the disappointment or restricted beliefs of what is in the moment.

And yet, it is in those moments when we need comfort, to be held and hold, to feel encouraged and bathed in the acceptance of another, that the words we speak to our-self do not hold the truth. They become a weapon, used to inflict pain, to reinforce the lack, the desire, the need, and continue to withhold the healing and release craved.

To speak your truth is to speak the truth of who you in those moments. It is the understanding that you are more than all that is felt, that you are greater than the moment stealing from you what you desire.

The speaking of your truth is the beauty of the inner you, perfect, without flaw, not held to account by the actions or words of others.

The purity of truth is held in the purity of you, and the depth of all that is you.

It is the words spoken when your heart is broken and the tears threaten to consume. It is the gentle whisper of hope that wraps around you when disappointment steals the joy. Your truth is the thought that sustains you when all other thoughts conflict and confuse. It is the comfort, the hope, the belief, the fullness of you without restraint or contradiction.

It is the truth of your purpose, you why, your reason for being, not your reason for doing.

The purity of speaking your truth.

How beautiful are those words.





You are your business.

I think one of the hardest things to do as a business owner, is to do what I teach others to do. For some reason it is easier to see what others need, and be blinded to what I need. I am truly blessed to have a business partner who is not afraid to ask the hard questions. To challenge when I need challenging and to gently guide and redirect when I need guidance and redirection.

The biggest challenge is to fully embrace the thought that I am my business, and my business is me. To consider what I believe, and that my values and my thoughts are reflected in my business is a little overwhelming.

The truth is, if I am standing in a place of ‘less than’, then, my business is in a place of ‘less than.’

If I am restricting my connection energetically, then all that I do is restricted energetically. If I am withholding what I need to nurture and care for me, I am doing the same to my business.

To begin to walk in the thought that you are your business, and your business is you, is the beginning of acceptance, and from that acceptance flows change. It is in the acceptance of the totality of self, all that we are, the skills the talents, the values and the beliefs, that we can begin to change and grow.

As we move in the total acceptance of self, significant change moves through our business.

We begin to see all that we do as an extension of self, a connection to all that we are, and the purpose we walk in. This flows in the way we connect and communicate, the engagement we have with those we work with. Emotionally there is balance, the highs and lows, the uncertainty, the feelings of ‘less than’ begin to release. Our thoughts are empowering, seeking understanding and knowledge that support what we do and who we are. Energetically our connection to all that is, is heightened, and our purpose flows through all that we do.

It is then our business reflects who we are, it is no longer ‘a thing’ we do, it becomes the expression of the ‘why’, the purpose that fills and feeds us.




You are the grace that follows

You are the grace that follows. These words were spoken to me after the death of my partner. Words that had little meaning at the time, words that were consumed in the pain and sorrow of the moment. Earlier this month they were said again. A reminder of a ‘life moment’ where the words were lost.

So this week I took time to consider the words, to seek understanding of the deeper meaning.

The word Grace holds its own energy and vibration, it is filled with beauty, carrying a message of inner peace, of substance of actions and thoughts empowered with a gentle giving and receiving. When I considered this thought in relation to what we teach in our business, the emotion began to rise. We teach people to heal and accept the totality of self. In healing it is all of self that is healed. So often we consider healing to be a physical need, yet it goes deeper and involves our emotion and intellect, the energetic part of who we are the very core of self.

To become the grace that follows the life moment that has moved you to a place of sorrow or despair, fear or loss, is to live in a moment of total acceptance. Of healing and release, of embracing all that has been and letting it go so that you can step into all that is being held for you.

That moment of understanding empowers the thoughts, actions and words with an energy that is gentle and filled with a compassionate purpose that flows from the core of you. The essence of you, the beauty that is you, the total energetic being of all that is you connected to all that is outside of you. That, is the grace that follows.

It is being afraid, yet not walking in fear.

It is knowing weakness, yet, allowing that weakness to become your strength.

It is feeling alone, yet never walking in a place of isolation.

It is the tears and the sorrow, wrapped in compassion and freely allowed to flow to another.

It is the belief that you are all that you need to be in any moment.

The standing in the trueness of self, allowing the raw emotions to flow, so that healing can begin.

Grace is a subtle strength wrapped in beauty and carried in all that you are. It is beyond words, a knowing, a seeing, a touch, a look that carries the beauty that is within you.

To become the grace that follows, is to become greater than the life moment that threatens to take from you all that is you.