The energy that flows in and from the connection Rochelle & SandraJ have with Source; guides, teaches, and carries transformation and change.

In a guided message from Source they were told The space you stand is one of guide and teacher. It is the holding of all that is to be given to the one who stands before you with an openness to receive.It is a place of healing, of giving and receiving of all that is being held until the one is ready to give to self.” 

When people meet with them, or attend a workshop or event, the energy is already at work, filling the space and guiding Rochelle & SandraJ in what is to be said and done during that time. They stand as guides and teachers, holding what is being held for you, assisting and encouraging you on your journey to become and be all you desire to become and be.

That moment of connection to all of who you are, when you see the beauty that is you and what is yours to be and do, they have called ‘coming home.’ It is the moment when you give to yourself all that is yours to have, letting go of those things which no longer support you, and receiving physically, emotionally, intellectually and energetically all    that is being held for you. It is coming home to you.


     What do people experience?

     Typically what do people receive?

     What Rochelle & Sandra experience and receive during  events, workshops, healing and mentoring sessions?

     In workshops and events guided towards enhancing and creating change, what do people typically receive?



Could our beliefs around sickness and disease be the very thing that withholds the healing we seek?

Perhaps they are beliefs around our worth or if we are deserving of healing, or maybe it is our thoughts and beliefs around, energy, Source/The Universe or God.

In this introduction book, these thoughts and beliefs are briefly explored presenting the possibility that healing, wellness and health are within reach.


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