A Holistic Approach to Optimal Health and Safety Management

We have skilled Holistic Health, Safety & Wellness Partners and Educators who will assess, develop, deliver, support and advance your health and safety vision, and who will work collaboratively with you to develop a holistic goal for your business or project.

Holistic focuses on the Whole System.

Your business is a system.

We have coined the term Holistic H&S as a practice that focuses on the whole system which consists of the business owners, the employees and the business, and addresses the social, emotional, physiological and safety needs of an organisation.

Unlike the traditional consultant-is-the-expert model, Flip180 uses the client-centred approach that acknowledges the client as the expert of their business, their unique circumstance, and their industry. Our expertise lies within making inquiries, spotting patterns, facilitating idea generation, easing and building communications and connecting the client and employees to a wider range of subject matter and experiences.

We Co-develop to Suit You

Your business is unique.

The way we do business is all about your business and its people and our objectives are to co-develop tailored approaches for each client with each client. We will work with you to create highly effective solutions where your business and employees have been closely involved in its creation. When a business creates an internal solution, a business is then able to own this solution and at Flip180 we believe that without ownership and empowerment any externally imposed solution may be rendered practically ineffective.

Flip180 Holistic H&S Partners will support and guide your business to co-design and implement efficient manageable plans and processes to attain your goals. Business owners are making daily decisions that affect their operations, commercial viability and profitability in the long term. We provide a sounding board and a wealth of experience in health, safety and wellness to help make decisions easier. With a fresh holistic approach, your business’s strengths, weaknesses, problems and opportunities can be identified and solutions and plans implemented to assist you to maximize your potential in less time.

Partner with Us

Let Flip180 be your partner on your path to a safer, healthier and more resourceful and profitable business and allow Flip180 to take care of the technical aspects of health, safety and wellness management so that you can concentrate on what you’re good at.

  • Get outcomes others can’t get
  • Provide experts in their fields
  • Get your people involved
  • Get and sustain actual results
  • Empower people to commit and make change
  • Build group skills and knowledge
  • Improve communication and relationships
  • Tackle the elephant in the room
  • Engage staff and inspire lasting results
  • Be professional yet make it interesting- we’re interactive
  • Be relevant and fun.

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