Our message is simple. It is one of transformation, change, healing and a journey of self-discovery. Take the first step to change your life.


Sandra J and the team at Flip180  consider the uniqueness of you, personally and professionally, and have created a unique methodology designed to enhance the skills and talents that support and sustain you. It is based on the principle, that there are five layers, these are the physical, emotional, intellectual, energetic or intuitive and core. And, on the acceptance that ‘life moments’, other people’s actions, sickness and change (to name a few) impact or settle into more than one layer, supporting or disempowering.

Rather than separating the physical from the emotional or intellect, the peiec approach considers that all layers are affected and therefore all need release, calming or healing. Nothing stands alone and no part of self is isolated.

Flip180’s workshops, live events, courses, meditations, books, mentoring/coaching/transformation sessions are designed to guide and support you on this journey of transformation and healing.

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Could our beliefs around sickness and disease be the very thing that withholds the healing we seek?

Perhaps they are beliefs around our worth or if we are deserving of healing, or maybe it is our thoughts and beliefs around, energy, Source/The Universe or God.

In this introduction book, these thoughts and beliefs are briefly explored presenting the possibility that healing, wellness and health are within reach.

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